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Born 1962 in Alma-Ata (now – Almaty), Kazakhstan, graduated in 1988 from the Alma-Ata State Theatrical and Artistic Institute in 1988. Over the course of 25 years of active creative work has authored thousands of works of art, including paintings, sculpture, drawings, etchings, photographs, ceramics and contemporary art. Has participated in more than 200 group exhibitions and held more than 30 solo shows. Has published poetry in periodicals, participated in literary seminars and also acted in films. His works have been shown at such major international forums as ArtExpo New York International, AFA Rosemalen, Art Manege Moscow, Accessible de Arte Brussels, Asia Art Tashkent, Art Market Budapest, Art Shanghai, at the Central Artists’ House in Moscow, and also at Sotheby's and Christie's. His works can be seen in permanent exhibitions at the Kasteyev State Museum of Fine Arts in Almaty, Kazakhstan, at the Museum of Modern Art in Astana, Kazakhstan, at the Museum of Art in Karaganda, Kazakhstan, at the Nevzorov Art Museum in Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan, at the Pavlodar Art Museum, Pavlodar, Kazakhstan, at the Regional Museum of Art in Samara, Russia, at the Altai region Art Museum, Barnaul, Russia, at the editorial offices of Art Dialogue magazine in Moscow, Russia and at the Kyrgyz State Museum of Fine Art in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.
Has worked at different times with the Freed Gallery, Atwood Premier Art Gallery, MO’s gallery J.A. Marunouchi Gallery and the Downey Gallery (all in the USA), as well as the Sous-Terre Gallery in The Netherlands, the Eurasia Gallery in Belgium,  Carre Dore, Monaco, ArtKemi Gallery, Denmark, MArt Gallery, S-Petersburg, Russia, Everything is Art, Moscow, Russia, and the Khas Sanat Gallery, Tengri-Umai Gallery, Ular gallery, Ark Gallery,  in Kazakhstan.
 In 1998-1999 worked at an artist-in-residence at the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology and participated in a ceramics seminar (both in Neskowin, Oregon, USA). In 2005 participated in an International Master Class Seminar in Uralsk, Kazakhstan. Winner of the independent Tarlan Award for Fine Arts (Kazakhstan) in 2003. Is a member of the Union of Artists of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Lives with his wife and son and works in a studio in a ravine adjacent to the Talgar River near Almaty, Kazakhstan.
1988 BMF & MFA T.Zhurgenov University of Art and Theater, Almaty, USSR: Kazakhstan
Personal Exhibitions
2015 Long Coloured Day, gallery “MArt”, Saint- Petersburg, Russia
2014 Solo show, gallery ArtKemi, Copenhagen, Denmark
2014 Art Speed Date, Mel Space, Moscow, Russia
2012-2004  Alma-Ata Art Centre, Almaty, Kazakhstan(4)
2011  Embassy of France in Kazakhstan, Almaty
2011  Art Expo Centre (TGMVC), Tver, Russia
2010  Has Sanat Gallery, Astana, Kazakhstan
2009  DI Magazine, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia
2009  Umay Art Museum, Almaty, Kazakhstan 
2008-1995 Ular Gallery, Almaty, Kazakhstan (5)
2007  DWTC Ibis Hotel, Art Exhibit Hall, Dubai, UAE
2006  Recent Paintings : Eurasia Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
2004  Eurasia Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
2001  Ark Gallery, Almaty, Kazakhstan
2001-1993 Tengri-Umay Gallery, Almaty, Kazakhstan (6)
2000  R Gallery, Jacksonville, FL, USA
2000  Sous Terre Gallery, Aalsmeer, Netherlands
1999  Sitka Center for Art & Ecology, Otis, OR, USA
1998  Atwood Premier Art, Portland, OR, USA
1991  Moscow Stars of Ballet, Manchester & Liverpool, UK 
1990  DI Magazine, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia

Group Exhibits
2015 Shanyrak (Bekeyev, Kazaryan, Noda), Miramar Hall, Cannes, France
2014 Art Shanghai, Shanghai, China
2014 Art Expo International, New York, USA
2013 Shanyrak, gallery Carre Dorre, Monaco
2013 Art Aqua, Miami, USA
2012 Art Market Budapest, Budapest, Hungary
2011  A. Jain Marunouchi Gallery, New York, USA
2011  Accessible Art Fair, Brussels, Belgium
2011  1C Art Gallery, Ankara, Turkey
2011  International Artexpo, New York, USA
2010-2006 Artists of Kazakhstan: Наs Sanat Gallery, Astana KZ 
2010  Art Expo European Commission, Brussels, Belgium
2010  Golden Age: Palais Palffy Gallery, Vienna, Austria
2010  21st Century Gallery, The Hague, Netherlands 
2009  Geelvinck-Hinlopen Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2009  Flaman Art Gallery, Eindhoven, Netherlands
2009  Art of Kazakhstan: Sotheby’s, London, UK
2009  Fine Art of Kazakhstan: Ernst & Young Exhibit Hall, The Hague,
2009  Tashkent Biennale of Contemporary Art, Tashkent, Uzbekistan 
2009  Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Frankfurt, Stuttgart & Munich 
2008  Art Nomad: Christie, London, UK
2008  Adlon Kempinski Hotel, Berlin, Germany
2008  Ksiaz Museum, Wrocław, Poland
2007  Hermitage Exhibit Hall, Warsaw, Poland
2006  Central House of Artists at Krimskiy Val, Moscow, Russia
2006  Chr. Jackiel & A. Noda Paintings : Jumeirah Showroom, Dubai, UAE
2006  Painters of Kazakhstan : State Museum of Oriental Art, Moscow, Russia
2006  Art of Kazakhstan: Manege Central Exhibit Hall, Moscow, Russia
2005  Contemporary Art of Kazakhstan : Eurasia Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
2005  Artists of Kazakhstan : DEG Conference Center, Cologne, Germany
2005  Artists of Kazakhstan : Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Luxemburg
2004  Contemporary Art of Kazakhstan : Hilton Hotel, London UK
2002  Eurasia Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
2002  Sitka Art Invitational, World Forestry Center, Portland, OR, USA
2001  Art Fair Autotron, Rosmalen, Netherlands
1999  Downey Gallery, Santa-Fe, NM, USA
1998  Freed Gallery, Lincoln City, OR, USA
1998  Sitka Art Invitational, World Forestry Center, Portland, OR, USA
1996-1997 Moscow Art Fair at Manege, Moscow, Russia
1995  Asia-Art Biennale, Tashkent, Uzbekistan 
1994  Artists of Karaganda City : Art Museum, Radom, Poland
1993  Asia-Art Biennale, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
1991  Avant-garde of Kazakhstan : Yalta, Ukraine
1988  Art of Kazakhstan : Expo Center, Bratislava, Slovakia
1988  National Exhibition Centre (CVZ), Minsk, Belarus

Awards & Honors

2009, Member of Kazakhstan Union of Artists

2003  Tarlan Award in Category: Art. SEIMAR Foundation, Kazakhstan
1995 Catalogue Andrey Noda, series Art of Kazakhstan, Soros foundation, Almaty, KZ
1998  Scholarship-Residency from Sitka Founder Series,  Artist &
Environmental Scientist Program, OR USA

Publications & Reviews

2014 National traditions and openness to the World, National Museum of Kazakhstan,  Astana, KZ
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2009 Catalogue of Kazakh Modern Art at Sotheby’s, London, UK
2005 Catalogue of International Master-class Workshop, Uralsk, KZ
1995 Catalogue of Andrei Noda.  Modern Artists of Kazakhstan Series. Soros Foundation –Kazakhstan

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Art Critics Reviews:
Paintings of Andrey Noda by E. Malinovskaya
Noda: Quest for the Image of Man by Prof. Purainen : U. of Helsinki
Unpredicted Noda by B. Barmankulova